The Keepsake is a 1000-piece puzzle featuring the art of Kate Elizabeth Bunce.


48 x 68  centimeters 

18.9 x 26.7 inches


Art & Fable jigsaw puzzles feature a luxurious velvet touch surface.  Puzzles never felt so good!


Included with every A&F puzzle:

- A collectible, frameable print to enjoy while puzzling and long after

- A resealable bag to preserve your puzzle and prevent lost pieces

- A handy box-top stand designed to steady a tippy box top


Inspired Designs

Our featured artists are full of passion & imagination, creating artworks that are beautiful, deeply meaningful, or just plain fun!


Perfect Fit

Tap our pieces into place for that satisfying perfect-fit feeling.  Move finished sections around without breaking them apart.


Traditional Piece Shapes

Interlocking European-style piece shapes make even the most challenging puzzles fun.  You can sort by shape, not just by color!


No Puzzle Glare

Our unique printing process produces richly colored puzzle pieces with a soft, velvety feel and no distracting glare.


Donations from the sale of this puzzle will go to American Women Artists (AWA). AWA has worked diligently to bring women artists to the attention of the art world, greatly increasing professional opportunities in the visual fine arts leading to greater inclusion in the field.


About the Artist

Kate Elizabeth Bunce (1856-1927) was an English painter and poet associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. Bunce studied at the Birmingham School of Art in the 1880s and exhibited across the U.K. A devout Christian, she painted a series of decorative pieces in churches, often in conjunction with her sister, a metalworker and watercolourist. The key figures in The Keepsake were modelled after Bunce’s friends, Margaret Lousia Write (left), Ethel Newill (center left), and Katie Palmer (center right).


The painting is based on a poem by Rossetti and was shown along with an excerpt:

“Then stepped a damsel to her side, And spoke and needs must weep: 'For his sake, lady, if he died, He prayed of thee to keep This staff and scrip’.”

Art & Fable 1000 Piece Puzzle - The Keepsake