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Gardens have long been a place for meditative contemplation. They provide us with an escape from a world that constantly demands our attention.


Gardening has been proven to uplift spirits and lower stress and anxiety. It provides us with an opportunity for new growth, a meaningful routine, and a template for nurturing other aspects of our lives. Just as there are 17 essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, there are many essential “nutrients” for a fulfilling life. Keeping a garden allows us to tend to ourselves with love, happiness and purpose.


Blackwing 17 examines the mindful practice of gardening. Each pencil features an earth-toned color palette: olive green finish, dark brown ferrule and imprint, and burgundy eraser. Each pencil also sports our balanced graphite and a 10cm ruler stamped into its barrel you can use to chart the growth of seedlings in your plant log.

  • Blackwing Balanced Graphite Pencils
    • Finish - Olive Green
    • Ferrule - Dark Brown
    • Eraser - Burgundy
    • Imprint - Brown
    • Graphite - Balanced

BLACKWING VOLUMES-17 The Gardening Pencil (SET OF 12)

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