This Blackwing Volumes is a tribute to comic books (64 is a nod to the number of colors they first used to produce some of the earliest comics). The pencil's artwork is inspired by halftones and the color palettes used in printing. It has a matte finish, unique doubled imprint inspired by comic book lettering, matte black ferrule and gray eraser, and the graphite is firm. 

The unsharpened pencil measures 5/16" wide (barrel)/3/8" wide (eraser) x 7 15/16" tall. Pencils are made in Japan with California incense cedar and Japanese graphite. Erasers are made in Vietnam. Comes 12 pencils in a sturdy black box that can double as a pencil holder. Cardstock sleeve fits over the box with info about the pencil theme. 


Boxed Set of 12


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