Craftamo Watercolor Brush Pens are hand crafted using the finest quality materials.


Making use of a real synthetic brush hair tip, Craftamo brush pens allow you to easily recreate the stroke of a paint brush, with the precision & control of a pen, allowing you to achieve a wide range of effects, and the ability to create dynamic lines from thick to thin with ease.


This makes them perfect for a variety of applications, including:

✔ Watercolor Painting
✔ Crafts & Cardmaking
✔ Calligraphy
✔ Scrapbooking
✔ Adult Coloring

Mix the ink with water and a whole new range of techniques become possible. Our water soluble ink blends effortlessly with water, allowing you to mix an endless amount of colors and create traditional looking watercolor art, with a modern twist!


This pack contains 12 vibrant colors, and it’s versatility makes them ideal for all skill levels, from the occasional doodle to professional use.

Craftamo Watercolor Brush Pens (Set of 12)