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A royal princess with wings and a fairy adorning a fan? Why not! Be ready for lots of pretty precious fun with this cleverly creative magnetic kit!


An exciting medley of princess and fairy clothes and accessories for constructing the most whimsical royalty you can imagine! Everything comes neatly packed in a tin that is beautifully on both sides, doubling up as a two-sided base for all your kookiest magnetic creations yet! 


Suitable for children aged 3 years+
Excellent for developing: 
• Creativity & imagination 
• Eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity 
• Spatial reasoning 
• Independent hands-on play

Suitable for children aged 3 years+

A quirky magnetic puzzle set designed with safety in mind: All pieces have a fully magnetic back, eliminating the potential hazard of dislodged magnets during play. Beautifully illustrated graphics are also applied through a thermal process instead of being painted on, ensuring that the colours will not chip or flake away over time.


Set includes: 1 double-sided magnetic tin, 24 assorted wooden magnetic pieces


Inzebox Belissimo Magnetic Game

SKU: DJ-030848
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