Enjoy the beauty of a real candle without any of the mess.  Our Moving Flame pillars capture the essence of a real wick burhing candle, emulating the dancing nature of the flame and providing the fragrance of a real wax candle.  Our candles are made with 100% refined paraffin wax.  It looks so incredibly realistic you'll try to put it out!  Perfect for home decor.


Moving Flame technology creates a visible realistic faux flame that dances like a real flame.  The random movement is virtually indistinguishable from a real wick burning candle, featuring a real grey wax chalky shell finish. 


Flat edge top

Five hour timer

Run time 700+ hours

Required 2D batteries (batteries not included)

3.5"x 7.0


Moving Flame LED 7" Candle - Gray Chalky

SKU: LG-36068-7