Inspired by the city of Paris, Tokyo Milk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum is a sweet formula that will awaken your inner romantic.


Inspired by romanic evenings under the Eiffel tower, decadent meals in Paris, and beautiful boat rides under on the Sienne, Tokyo Milk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum is a romantic aroma with a delectable, sweet finish.  Awaken your inner romantic with this delicate blend of botanicals.


Featuring mandarin oranges, tuberose, gardenia, and vetiver, Tokyo Milk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum has floral overtones with a subtle woody finish.  It’s a sweet kiss of delectable botanicals that will arouse senses and our soul.


When you glide Tokyo Milk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum across your skin, you’ll feel like you’re headed out for a night in Paris, complete with champagne under the Eiffel tower.  Try the decadent aroma from Tokyou Milk today.


  • Delectable, sweet fragrance intoxicates the senses and awakens the inner romantic
  • Housed in a beautiful glass bottle that features a vintage image of the eiffel tows, the most romantic monument in the world
  • Decadent package is as at home as a decoration as a perfume holder
  • Sweet, decadent fragrance features white floral and tuberose overtones with citrus, woody undertones
  • Uses crushed and distilled botanicals for a natural scent
  • 1oz. supply lasts when used conservatively

How to Apply

Using your fingertips, apply a very small amount of Tokyo Milk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum to both wrists and the neck.  Repeat application as needed for added fragrance.  

  • Tip - Apply Tokyo Milk French Kiss No. 15 Parfum before a date.  The sweet aroma is sure to awaken the romanic in you and your beau.

DESCRIPTION: A decadently different collection of brilliantly paired fragrance notes housed in an alluring glass bottle decorated with an image of the most romantic of monuments.

DIMENSIONS: 1.25"sq x 4"H

FILL WEIGHT: 1.0 fluid oz / 29.5ml

Tokyomilk Perfume - French Kiss

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